Network - configure

Handles the HTML part of the canvas.


The options for the canvas have to be contained in an object titled 'configure'.

Click on the full options or shorthand options to show how these options are supposed to be used.

As shown above, alternative to supplying an object, you can supply a String, Array, Function or Boolean. These will do the same as the filter option described below.

Name Type Default Description
enabled Boolean true Toggle the configuration interface on or off. This is an optional parameter. If left undefined and any of the other properties of this object are defined, this will be set to true.
filter String, Array, Boolean, Function true When a boolean, true gives you all options, false will not show any. If a string is supplied, any combination of the following is allowed: nodes, edges, layout, interaction, manipulation, physics, selection, renderer. Feel free to come up with a fun seperating character. Finally, when supplied an array of strings, any of the previously mentioned fields are accepted.

When supplying a function, you receive two arguments. The option and the path of the option within the options object. If it returns true, the options will be shown in the configurator. Example:
function (option, path) {
  return path.indexOf('physics') !== -1;
This only shows the physics options.
container DOM element undefined This allows you to put the configure list in another HTML container than below the network.
showButton Boolean true Show the generate options button at the bottom of the configurator.